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BNS Student Athletes

A Message to the Parents of Student Athletes

Your child has chosen a rewarding and challenging endeavor. It is an individual’s choice to participate in athletics, but the choice affects the entire family in many ways. There will be late dinners after games, sore bones and muscles after practice and competitions. You will find that your child will learn to be a member of a team working toward a common goal, to accept victory and defeat as a learning process, to take pride in their accomplishments and to persevere when the activity becomes difficult. 

It is our intent as a school athletic opportunity to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each student’s educational maturity. A student who elects to participate in athletics is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline and self-responsibility. These are the reasons we stress good training habits and preparation for athletic events. Attaining this goal should be a cooperative effort by all involved. 

As educators, we find that students involved in extracurricular activities have fewer discipline problems in school and put free time after school to constructive use, and as a result, have fewer problems in the community. When your child elects to participate in one of our sports programs, we feel there is a commitment to certain responsibilities and obligations. This is our opportunity to acquaint you with specific policies necessary for a well-organized program of athletics. Please read this carefully and share this handbook with your child frequently. 

-BNS Athletics


Student Athlete Applicant Checklist

All paperwork must be completed before participation/tryouts. Turn all paperwork in together, completed, to the front office at BNS. The physical evaluation must be completed by a doctor on the FHSAA EL-02 Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form below. 

Fall Sports Season- August 2 to October 23

     Coed Cross County (middle and high school)

     Boys Basketball (middle school)

Winter Sports Season- September 13 to November 9

     Girls Volleyball (middle school)

Spring Sports Season- January 24 to April 9

     Coed Track and Field (middle and high school)

BNS Banner Order Form

BNS Banner Order Form

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